WEDNESDAY 5th of AUGUST – Coronavirus Update for IDS Customers:


      Many of the quotas have now been approved by the FCO and returned to IDS. If we have informed you that we have received your new quotas you can proceed with ordering again, we will need to know that the Mission is open and someone is there to take the deliveries. We will be ready to meet and deliver your requirements from our London bonded warehouse, our stock levels are back to normal. Our office is now open and our order processing team are ready to help. Please either call the office or email

      If you are a London Export customer and are thinking about an order, please contact your Sales Manager, and we will make sure to make arrangements in order to fulfill any order requests.


      We are able to both receive and dispatch goods by sea and air from Jebel Ali, so our Dubai Export orders are proceeding and like London, we have good levels of stocks. The website reflects livestock and is updated immediately when goods arrive.

      We are also able to deliver by road, so if any Mission in Dubai or Abu Dhabi would like an order, please get in touch.

      Our order processing team are working from home and our picking and packing team are able to get into the warehouse to fulfill orders, so if you need an order for your Mission, please get in touch.


      Just to mention also, that the banking system in both London and Dubai is working as near to normal, so please continue to make payments for due invoices as normal. We are also able to take your credit card payments over the phone or by email link as normal. Again, if there are any problems making your payments, or any other questions, please speak with or email your Sales Manager.

      As circumstances change, we will update the website accordingly.

      Many thanks for your custom, your patience, your support and please stay safe.

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