Monday 6th of April – Coronavirus Update for IDS Customers:


      We are still physically able to deliver into London itself, once the new quota valid from 1st April is ready from the FCO. We still have good levels of most products in our London bond, so we are prepared and ready for the new quotas.

      Our London Exports are closed for the time being, but if you are a London Export customer and are thinking about an order, please contact your Sales Manager.


      We are able to both receive and dispatch goods by sea and air from Jebel Ali, so our Dubai Export orders are proceeding and like London, we have good levels of stocks. The website reflects livestock and is updated immediately when goods arrive.

      We are however unable to deliver from Jebel Ali to either Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the next two weeks from yesterday into the UAE, after Dubai increased the lockdown criteria. We are still getting the permissions to move goods from the authorities and have presented the paperwork, so if the lockdown criteria changes in two weeks time, we will be able to make the deliveries straight away.

      Just to mention also, that the banking system in both London and Dubai is working as normal, so please continue to make payments for due invoices as normal. Again, if there are any questions please speak with your Sales Manager.

      As circumstances change, we will update the website accordingly.

      Many thanks for your custom, your patience, your support and please stay safe.

      IDS is your first choice for Duty Free supplies – we look forward to serving you.


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