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      The children of Darfur are crying out for our help. However, as no foreign journalists can reach Darfur due to the risk of kidnap and the ongoing violence in the region, we ask 'who in the West is hearing their cries'?

      Patricia Parker MBE, founder of Kids for Kids, hears the cries of those children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be certain that with Patricia on their side these poor children have hope. Hope that they will have protein, minerals and vitamins, hope that they will have access to water (one day, maybe, it will even be clean water) and, for the lucky few, hope for an education in Kids for Kids' new Kindergarten.

      Kids for Kids ( ) provide sustainable solutions to the starvation and poverty faced by these desperate children. But raising money to help these children gets harder and harder; as the risk of famine looms over Darfur, finding funds to help the children proves all the more difficult.

      IDS organise an annual Ambassadors’ Ball, now in its 5th year, and this is the single largest fundraiser for Kids for Kids. The Ball is fun and the food, drink, music and dancing are wonderful. The support of our sponsors is invaluable but none of this will matter unless our friends buy tickets to help Kids for Kids make a real difference to the lives of the children of Darfur.

      The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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      IDS are delighted to be supporting the DVLT in 2015. We will be sponsoring the Spring Ball in March 2015 and also raising money at the Slinfold Charity Fete in aid of them.

      The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy works in partnership with families to educate the young child with motor learning difficulties. A registered charity which aims to ensure that this service is always available to families affected by cerebral palsy.

      We provide a specialist service where parents and children learn daily living skills together at our Schools for Parents using the principles of Conductive Education. We support families with babies and children under five years of age.

      A professional team work to increase the child’s physical abilities, help with simple life skills for example, sitting, walking and feeding, and assist the development of communication and social skills. Exercises are incorporated into children’s routines at home, building confidence in both child and parents.

      Parents are encouraged to talk with each other about their child’s activities and share experiences resulting in child and family being better able to participate in a greater number of everyday activities that others families take for granted.

      We receive no statutory funding. All the services we offer are provided free of charge. We rely entirely on the support of the community to raise the funds required to ensure that this vital and much needed service can continue.

      The Dame Vera Lynn Trust School for Parents in West Sussex leads the way in Conductive Education for pre-school children with cerebral palsy. It has been called “A Centre of Excellence” by Ofsted.

      If you would like any more info on the charity our website is -


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